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We have all been there, groggy, low energy, miserable, snapping at the other half. Sleep deprivation sucks. 

Getting consistent quality sleep is forever on everyone's mind, yet worrying about it often keeps people awake late into the night. That's why NVRENUF have developed a brand new sleep aid, containing just two simple ingredients; Valerian root and Wild lettuce. Both Valerian and Wild Lettuce extracts have been traditionally been used as a herbal sleep aid for centuries, and for good reason.

Valerian works by reducing sleep latency i.e. the time it takes to fall asleep, as well as helping you stay asleep throughout the night. The root of the plant contains numerous active compounds, such as valepotriates, valeric acid, lignans, flavonoids, and most notably, naturally occuring GABA. The latter of these compounds, GABA, acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter within the brain, preventing neural activity i.e. conscious thoughts preventing you from sleeping.

Wild lettuce extract contains lactucopicrin and lactucin, which act as sedatives within the body and also provide pain relief. Interestingly, scientific studies in rodents have demonstrated that wild lettuce extract increased the time rodents spent sleeping. However, clinical data in humans are yet to be retrieved. Nonetheless, wild lettuce has been a staple sleep inducer in various ancient cultures and has widespread anecdotes of its success.

NVRENUF's Deep Sleep contains 225mg of high quality Valerian and 225mg of Wild Lettuce extract per serving. 

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