LSC's newest joint health product containing UC-II - what does the science say?

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We are very excited to announce our very own Joint Complex product to the LSC health supplement range! We wanted to create a simple, but highly effective product that is backed by science. This two-a-day formulae combines 80mg of undenatured type II collagen (UC-II), 1000mg of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and 400mg hyaluronic acid to promote healthy and supple joints.

The inclusion of UC-II in our formulae makes this joint product stand out from other popular joint health supplements. UC-II contains undenatured collagen derived from chicken sternum, which is thought to reduce inflammation contributing to joint pain and arthritic disease. Randomised controlled trials in 2009 (1) and 2016 (2) have shown that supplementing 40mg/day of UC-II is well tolerated and significantly improves the quality of life and knee joint pain symptoms in individuals living with osteoarthritis. However, recent research suggests that UC-II supplementation may also benefit joint health in healthy individuals not suffering from arthritis. Consuming 40mg/day UC-II for 4 months appears to significantly improve knee extension to a greater degree than a placebo supplement. It was also found that subjects taking UC-II demonstrated significant reductions in the amount of time taken to feel joint pain during prolonged strenuous exercise, as well as a lesser likeness to report joint discomfort during exercise recovery. Collectively, these data suggest that UC-II is a promising new supplement which may help maintain healthy joints, especially in arthritic or highly active populations.

30 servings of LSC's Joint Complex is now available in store and online for just £24.95!











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