How do I tackle post-workout fatigue?

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You've probably felt extremely tired and exhausted more than once after training? No wonder. Physical activity goes hand in hand with energy loss. Is there an effective way to counteract this? How do I tackle post-workout fatigue?

How can you recognise it?

Fatigue is a multidimensional concept. After training, you usually feel tired. In addition, muscles that have been subjected to intensive effort are sore. It sometimes happens that the day after training we have difficulties with full range of motion - anyone who has 'battered' their legs with deep squats knows full well the problems with going up and down stairs. Unfortunately, working on your condition often requires painful sacrifices.


However, before you learn how to deal with fatigue after a workout, you need to know that it does not only involve muscle structures. Do not forget that training leads to the involvement of the entire body. Therefore, many of the signs of fatigue appear after time and may not appear at first to be directly related to the physical effort. Examples are

  • problems with concentration
  • difficulty in sleeping and falling asleep
  • reduced reaction time and impaired attention
  • a persistent lack of energy
  • decreased motivation and a feeling of disillusionment

Simple ways to deal with fatigue after training

Fighting fatigue after training can be done in several ways. In the context of physical activity, it will come as no surprise that stretching and rolling are effective solutions. This will give the involved and overworked muscle parts a solid stimulus to, among other things, stimulate the circulation, which will allow the necessary nutrients to be delivered. In this way repair mechanisms will be activated. In addition, stretching and foaming rollers eliminate excessive muscle tension, which is one of the elements of protection against the development of soreness.


How else can you cope with fatigue after training? Don't forget about supplementation! Multicomponent post-workout supplements are a very good solution in this respect.


Protein for quicker recovery

A good quality multivitamin for replenishment and balance.

A quality fish oil for inflammation and all round health 

These supplements can be used in practically all sports disciplines and at every level. The multidimensional formula guarantees support on many levels. The product may be used both in the course of mass building, and during the fight against stubborn fat tissue, or as an addition to recreational physical activity.

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