Eat Greens and Lose weight.

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Eat Your Greens to drop Fat


Undeniably greens are fantastic for our health, well-being, performance and they are absolutely packed with goodness and nutrients which the body needs in order to function. I'm going to share the benefits of various greens then explain why this is relevant to fat loss. 


 One of the green foods I like to include a lot in diets is spinach because its so densely packed with nutrition! Its also very easy to add to your meals so when Im thinking about convenience for clients it makes great sense.

 The main nutritional benefits of spinach are:

 High Vitamin C content making it perfect for boosting the immune system
High in folate which helps the body generate new cells and repair DNA
Great source of soluble fibre.


 Kale is another really great super green which is absolutely enriched with a wide range of nutrients. In fact, its loaded with them!! Again, it's really convenient because you can cook it very quickly in a pan (and this also helps retain the flavour and texture!).

 The main nutritional benefits of kale are: 


1) High in Vitamin A, C and K which supports immune health, bone health, skin health and the likes of

2) Rich in potassium which is a key mineral in regulating fluid balance as well as maintaining the health of the brain, heart and nerves

3) Rich in iron which is another key mineral. It plays a vital role in the production of haemoglobin (blood health) and the metabolisation of protein

4) Rich in copper, another mineral which helps support healthy connective tissues, the utilisation of iron and various other enzymatic processes

5) Rich in phosphorus, another mineral which promotes healthy bones, teeth, good hormone regulation and improved digestion

6) Rich in manganese which supports bone health, metabolism and connective tissue health
Great source of soluble fibre


The main nutritional benefits of broccoli are:

 1) Rich in detoxifying agents known as glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiion and glucograssicin which are three individual glucosinolate phytonutrients. They help the body through each stage of the detoxing process known as the activation, neutralisation and elimination phases where the body removes harmful toxins

2) Rich in ITCs (isothiocyanates) which derive from the glucosinolate phytonutrients helping the body detox

3) Extremely rich in Vitamin A and K which are essential in enabling the body to maintain a healthy vitamin D balance/metabolism. When we consider in parts of the world (the UK being one!) that Vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem this is of particular interest I feel

4) Great source of soluble fibre

Although many people will say it's boring broccoli is a frigging great source of nourishment for the body. 



 Cabbage is another great food source which is packed with all sorts of great nutrients and highly convenient to add to your cooking.

 The main nutritional benefits of broccoli are:


1) As well as being rich in a number of the same agents as broccoli, cabbage is also enriched with indole-3-carbinol (I-3-C) which has been shown to help improve the body's ability to metabolise/regulate estrogen. This can be great for overall health and body recomposition

2) As well as being very rich in Vitamin C cabbage is a great source of B Vitamins which are essential nutrients meaning they are required from an external source

3) Great source of antioxidants and red cabbage is even more prolific

4) Great source of soluble fibre

Those are the 4 main green vegetables I like to use in my clients plans for the obvious reasons given above. It's not hard to see how by adding more of these foods into your diet will benefit you.

 However the KEY point I said I'd mention is fat loss and why not eating enough of these greens effects that... 

 By under eating greens you are ultimately failing to give your body enough of the right fibre. Insufficient amounts of fibre will mean that things like:


. Blood sugar levels 

. Insulin sensitivity 

. Nutrient absorption 

. Performance/energy 


Are all effected. Although people focus on macro numbers stringently they tend to under estimate how many greens they require to get enough fibre and sometimes even ignore their fibre needs. Once you address this not only will your body become healthier and function better, you will drop fat easier! 

I have certainly increased these food sources this year and I would certainly hope you consider doing so too. As always if you can afford it go organic when ever possible. 



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