Creatine which one and is it worth it?

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Choose carefully, take it correctly and then Yes it is worth it.
Ultimately, creatine is one of the most researched supplements in the world today which has a lot of viable, credible science behind it to prove that it does work. It is actually suggested that creatine is probably the most research sports nutritional supplement of them all.
How Does It Work? 
Creatine helps the ATP energy system regenerate more rapidly which means that you're going to become more resistant to fatigue in the gym. Where your ATP levels may become depleted after the 6th rep on a set, you might get 1-2 extra reps purely because of the creatine you've supplemented with. This is all about improving ATP production.
What Are The Benefits?
The obvious benefits are that it helps you lift the same weight for more reps and even use more weight, which ultimately means you're going to achieve more overload in a shorter space of time. As a result you will build more muscle, become stronger and improve overall performance. 
Another very valid benefit of using creatine is that it will bring more water into the muscle cell which doesn't just mean performance improves, it also gives you a much fuller look as a result! 

Which Is Best?
There are many creatine presentations on the market at the moment and all have there different merits. Many are really hyped by the marketing men and women however, creatine monohydrate has been tested and tested for years and has always shown itself to be effective and I have seen some incredible results with it.. However as a Personal Tip alway go for micronised and at least a 200 mesh for maximum absorption. I am a massive fan of Olimp and JBC nutrition. 
How do I take Creatine for maximum results?
We need to release insulin to shuttle the creatine modules into the cells of the muscle and the best way to do this, in my opinion, is the following.
Morning with Breakfast 1 scoop in a fruit juice.
Evening meal 1 scoop in a fruit juice. 
Do this every day - it's that simple.

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