Don't forget the Micros!

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Micronutrition is just as important as getting your macronutrients right. However, unfortunately this is something which very few people care enough about. Provided they have the right macros in place they tend to forget about micronutrients. This could quickly become a serious issue for you, in some instances. This is why I am always talking about the importance of taking a good quality multivitamin and mineral complex such as the Terranova Full Spectrum Multivitamin and Mineral Complex (simply amazing).

Micronutrition covers essential vitamins and minerals which support functions from immune health, cell regeneration, energy creation, cardiac performance and everything in between. Many people are deficient in minerals.

For instance, magnesium is an essential mineral for recovery because of its impact on the Central Nervous System. In turn, your performance improves because you're less fatigued and neurologically able to recruit muscles more easily. Magnesium is a mineral which a large percentage of the world are deficient in which will lead to slower recovery and potentially compromised sleep. This is just ONE of MANY examples.

Vitamin D is another great example of a vitamin deficiency huge numbers of people have on a day to day basis.

The key to getting your micro nutrition right is usually best-taken care of by eating a broad range of vegetables and some fruits, using a variety of colours AND take a good multivitamin and mineral complex.

Do not underestimate the need to take care of your micro nutrition, it is essential!

Trust me I do this for a living 😉

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