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The little supplement company


Hi everyone, let me introduce myself and my shop to you. I have worked in the supplement industry for most my working life. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best supplement companies in the world in a professional supplement advisory capacity. The 25 years of continuous training at the top industry level has certainly given me a lot of experience in the natural supplement field. The Little supplement company is my concept of supplying the public top quality supplements, many exclusive to the store, with free fantastic knowledgeable advice.


I am a big believer that there are several factors to being an outstanding Supplement store. Listen to the customer, have the knowledge and resources of information, being honest, educate the customer and giving the customer the correct advice. It is easy to open a health shop these days with little or no experience and in my experience with peoples health, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Any staff who work at the little supplement company will be well trained and have access to current industry information. They are there to help you, NOT, sell you stuff.


I like to think of the little supplement company as a place people can trust. They can go here for advice without any pressure to buy anything.


The web site has some great blogs on products and nutritional advice, even exercise tips for all levels. It also will have Video updates on products available at the Little Supplement Company. Initially it will be some good looking bloke with a North East accent doing most of the video links.


The little supplement company also have a Facebook page which is worth checking out. Again we have regular updates and want you to be part of the Little Supplement community. Sharing ideas and information on everything health related.


Our products.


I have hand picked some amazing brands I am delighted to be able to work with. With so many supplement companies out there at the moment, I have personally chosen what I believe to be the very cream of the crop.


LSC Nutrition


This concept was a dream of mine back in 2008 whilst my wife was giving birth to our beautiful baby daughter, Alice. I had some time to kill as Alice refused to come out for about 32 hours or so, so did a wish list of the products I would want to have if I ever had the chance. That dream has become a reality, using some of the very best contract manufacturers in Great Britain. The LSC Nutrition range has incredible purity with the finest raw ingredients available. The absorption is sublime and the results speak for themselves. There is not a product in the LSC range I would not take myself, and I have used the very best ingredients money can buy. It’s easy to cut costs and save money when your focus is profit. It is not possible to do this at all when your focus is passion and helping people. This has been my basis for all the brands we sell at the little supplement company.




was founded in 2008 by Stephen Terrass MRNT, the former Technical Director of Solgar Vitamins UK. Currently comprising more than 60 nutritional and botanical products, Terranova is one of only a very small number of nutritional supplement companies worldwide which does not use any fillers, binders or other manufacturing additives - and one of even fewer brands where 100% of the products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The primary goal of Terranova’s formulation concept is to achieve the maximum possible effectiveness, versatility, purity, gentleness, balance and, above all, safety - by avoiding ingredients that we feel don’t belong in supplements (such as additives); by favouring whole plant ingredients over pharmaceutical extracts; by avoiding excessive potencies; and by intensifying the synergistic environment in the body for vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc. Terranova’s unique approach to nutritional and botanical supplementation developed partly from Stephen’s concerns about the misguided ‘reductionist’ pharmaceutical mentality that has dominated much of the supplement industry since soon after his career began 35 years ago. Although he once shared that mentality, Stephen eventually realized that the ‘pharmaceuticalization’ of the supplement industry was fundamentally flawed. He knew that a radical shift away from the way the industry typically formulates and manufactures products would be needed in order to achieve his goal of developing products which met his own personal standards. The award-winning Terranova brand is the result of this shift. I have had the pleasure of working with Steven whilst at Solgar Vitamins and have the uttermost respect for him and his products. His brand is on the cutting edge of supplementation and am proud to be able to have his brand in the little supplement companies store.




A fantastic American Brand that again wears its heart on its sleeve. It’s company message is solaray.

When you purchase one of our products, rest assured that we know you bought it for an important reason. You care about taking care of yourself and your family. We feel the same way. That’s why we’ve done all we can to make good on our core promise to you –“Quality Without Exception.”




Bodial Nutrition


Possibly the ultimate underground sports nutrition company. Bodial does not spend any money on marketing; it lets its products do the talking in the gyms, on the field, around the track, across the pitch and in the ring. The Bodial range provides some of the most researched sports nutritional supplements and designed them for the modern athlete who’s demands are high. Bodial Nutrition has become very popular with professional athletes and the military due to the purity of the formulas and the research that backs them.

Want something we don’t do?


We have access to Britains largest supplement wholesaler, so if you want something in particular, if they do it we can get it for you. If it’s a regular order we will stock it on the shelf for you. We are here to help you.

I would like to welcome you to the little supplement company, a company I am very proud of. 

Mark Hamilton



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