Sorry I don't sell Krill Oil.

Posted by Mark Hamilton on

Did you know that manufacturing Krill actually harms the eco system so I don't stock it or recommend it to my customers. 

Personally I take and recomend Viridians sustainably sourced Scandanavial Trout Oil, which is incredible by the way.


  • Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil is sourced from Danish fresh-water rainbow trout from pristine in-land river environments so places no pressure on global fish stocks and is 100% sustainable.
  • There is zero impact on the surrounding ecosystem, a low carbon footprint because fish are caught and process at the source. Production focuses on sustainable, green-business practices.
  • The organic fish fillets are used for food, with the off-cuts used for the oil production minimizing overall waste and optimizing use for human nutritional benefits. Any waste is used as fertilizer for organic farms.

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