So why choose the Little CBD companies CBD?

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This is a question all of you should be asking!!

The CBD market is being flooded with all sorts of products and they are all NOT as they seem.

Make sure you are getting the real deal for your money as many people are making a killing from false claims and inferior products.

We at The Little CBD Company 

  • Use a CO2 Extracted process from authorised EU strains
  • Is Processed in a UK GMP accredited facility
  • The raw extract is EU certified Non-GMO
  • Blended with organic hemp seed oil
  • Guaranteed EU legal THC levels

But best of all the feed back from our customers has been literally incredible - and thats what matters most to us.


Side note

My name is Mark Hamilton and I completely pride myself on bringing the best possible health products to the market. It would have been very easy for me to get a cheap source of CBD paste and make crazy margins on a CBD product. This is not why I got into the health industry nearly 30 years ago.

I left university wanting to change the world, a person at a time if necessary, but to make a difference. This was my drive back then and i am still as passionate about is all these years later.

The best of health to each and every one of you. 

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