LSC Nutrition and the products - what's the fuss all about?

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The LSC Nutrition Range has been hand picked by owner Mark Hamilton, thats me by the way. On my search for my own label supplements I looked at all the companies out their and started to think what products would I take, with my knowledge, experience and industry insight.

I have after all worked with some of the largest supplement companies in the world like Solgar, Viridian and Natures Plus. So did I get these formulas and copy them? No I did not.

These companies have a great place in the market place, but all have gotten so big now, I feel the passion they had when they first started out has gone a little. Sometimes when you get to a certain size the fire goes out a little. However there is one company out there who has this immense passion still, they have remained loyal to their passion and the products they produce are sublime. They tend to deal with practitioners and herbalist and I wanted to bring this range to the general public. A brilliant, organic range with formulas that have been used successfully by herbalists for thousands of years. 

The main LSC Nutrition has this raw, exciting, pure, theraputic, as mother nature intended product base. The products are genuinely sourced from only the finest places, and are 100% Natural and vegan friendly. None of the products are in tablet form.

Why are none of the products in a tablet form?

Any tablet is at least 50% glue, the companies usually add binders, fillers, emulsifiers and other, often, none natural materials. Oh and then they put the ingredients in.

LSC Nutrition will only be found in a capsule or powder to keep the range 100% Natural.

So what do the products do in the range?

EFA Complex -

3 times more absorbable than fish oils

Hormonal Balance

Hair Skin and Nails

Brain Function

Cardiovascular Tonic

Anti Inflammatory

Immune Enhancement 

Physical Performance

Rhodiola Complex 

This organic Rhodiola Complex is complemented with Cayenne for natures perfect synergy. Many companies play around with active ingredients and changing the percentages of them to tailor make them for the marketing departments. Here at LSC Nutrition we simply use the finest sourced organic Rhodiola as mother nature created it.

May help with -




Cardiovascular Health


Sex Drive

Physical Performance

Mental Function

Immune Boosting


For many years the main reason Sage has been advised has been with hot flushes and menopausal symptoms. LSC Nutritions sage is 100% Natural and totally organic with no hidden nasties. 



mouth ulcers

hot flushes


anti inflammatory



Detox Complex

There are many Detox products on the market today and they are not all the same. We feel the LSC Nutrition Detox formulas is one of the gentlest and most effective there is. With its 100% Natural organic formulation we sell most of our Detox products on recomendations alone, it really is that good.

Feel energized

Improved skin

Improved eczema

No more bloating

Weight loss



LSC Nutrition's Organic Turmeric has been well documented lately for its incredible therapeutic properties. Since it's recent rise to fame every man and his dog seems to be selling one form of Turmeric or another. With all the spin and hype out there let us reassure you, our Turmeric os 100% Natural and organic, just as you would find it in nature.

Can be used for:


Joint pain

Cancer prevention

Brain health

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