Dorian Yates Black Bombs reviewed.

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Dorian Yates Black Bombs:

Is an interesting starter for 10, it is marketed as a fat-burner, but in essence, is also a powerful pre-workout. This supplement is essentially a cocktail of stimulants and antioxidants really only created for those men and women into bodybuilding and those moving into a pre-contest prep period.

Black Bombs contains extremely high doses of fat burning ingredients 
‘‘Powerful amphetamine-like compounds found in BLACK BOMBS are proven to obliterate fat by an astonishing 15% while also bombing abdominal fat 2500% more than those not taking it!”

I only tried one packet and whether this is true or not, only those used to taking 7,000mg of a stimulant supplement should consider using it. The ingredient list does not include total amounts of each ingredient, but as stated earlier, there is a total dose of 7,000mg per scoop! That means that anyone using the product will take about 7 grams of fat burning, metabolism boosting and heart rate increasing ingredients per dose.

I took the supplement around 30 mins prior to my workout and this is definitely one of the most powerful products I have ever tried; the taste is nice (black cherry) and the focus during the workout is intense, maybe a bit too teeth grindingly much for the average gym goer, but I would highly recommend it as a pre-workout.

I would need to take over a period of weeks to realistically comment on its now almost legendary fat burning properties, but as a pre-workout 10/10, only for pre-contest and serious bodybuilders who require and enjoy the intense nerve jangling rush of a stimulant.

Review by

Derek O'Toole

Competitive Masters Class Fitness 

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