Why would you choose LSC Nutrition as your first supplement choice?

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LSC Nutrition

            LSC Nutrition is committed to quality and giving its customers the most natural formulas available. The ingredients we use in our formulas are of the highest possible source and many are organic. LSC Nutrition is a little supplement company that is big on passion, our whole mission is to supply great products that help others enrich their lives. Whether you are suffering with a health ailment such as depression, arthritis, PMT, Menopause or simply getting healthier and fitter in the gym, on the track, in the pool or on the sports field.


            Many companies pigeon hole their products often catering to specific markets (which is understandable), however we strive to be different. LSC Nutrition wants to be as diverse as possible offering something to everyone, from a female gym goer taking PRO-3 protein for the perfect sculpted 6 pack to the more elderly person taking our Organic Turmeric to help with their rheumatoid arthritis.


            After more than 25 years working professionally in the health and fitness and natural health food industry, I am delighted to bring LSC Nutrition to the market. I like to think people are drawn to LSC Nutrition without knowing why, a kind of gut instinct. I have always been blessed with jobs that enable me to help and enrich peoples lives, people of all ages, races and sex and I want to continue this through LSC Nutrition. I don’t think the LSC range will ever be huge, but what we have in it will be special.


            Many companies throw words like honesty and ethics, morals and quality around in their marketing and we take their word for it. Unfortunately I don’t have a marketing department, I don’t have a sales force, I have me, some amazing products and customers who need to take the best around.


            You will only see my products in my shop, The Little Supplement Company, a great little health store in Paignton, Torbay. They are not for the mass market as money isn’t the motivation for me, its continuing to help people in their quest for wellness, health and vitality.


            I suppose that is the beauty for me, I own the company, so my morals, ethics, and quality of the products don’t have to be compromised. Essentially, because what drives me is passion and the desire to offer people the very best, rather than profits, volume sales and margins, I can happily continue on my personal quest.


Thank you for reading this little insight about my motivation and my little supplement company.

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