Is this the worlds best fat burner?

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The many of you that have met me or know me know I speak honestly and openly with everyone. I have no hidden agendas and will be often heard recommending someone doesn't buy a product as they dont need it, just as often as explaining how a product may benefit someone. I have found this honest approach with people has thankfully earned me some respect in the natural products industry. When anyone walks into the little supplement company, they know they will get good, science backed, friendly honest advice. 

To give you an example of this, last week I had 3 young guys come into my shop who just started training. They all wanted to bulk up and buy a bag of £70 mass gainer each. I asked them, as I always do about training and their diets, then refused to sell the product to 2 of them. The products have to suit the individuals genetics, somatotype, lifestyle and diet. After running through their diets all went away with different products to suit themselves and lifestyles.

The same is very true with fat burners. They are not magic pills, and most are an absolute joke! However if your diet isnt on track and your not willing to put some exercise in, then do not give me your money because they wont give you the results you are expecting.

Out of the thousands of weight loss supplements on the market I think I stock around 6 or 7 good ones that will suit different people. No one product suits everyone, possibly until now. 

I recently decided to get back into training and now 4 weeks in I am really happy with my results, so the time has come to tighten up my diet and for the first time take a weight management product. So boy have I been doing some research. 

I have delved deep into what ingredients make up one of the best possible fat burners.

I wanted something that -

  • would target in particular belly fat or White Adipose Tissue,
  • would increase my metabolic rate
  • would decrease my appetite
  • would Regulate my insulin resistance
  • would Actually prevent fat cells from developing
  • would Stop me from craving carbohydrates
  • would use fat as a preferred form of energy
  • would Help with a very common problem, stress related weight gain
  • would Reduce the number of fat deposits in the body
  • would Convert belly fat into healthy essential fatty acids



I don't want much then do I?

Well after much indepth scientific trialled research I have discovered a formula that has the capacity to reach all of the above demands. The important things I want a safe and effective fat burner to do.

I have watched seminars, read studies and looked at dosages and have just ordered the fat burner that ticks all the above boxes.

In fact one of the latest clinical double blind studies on people between the age of 19 and 25 with a BMI of over 25 showed some incredible results over only 60 days. The average fat weight loss, not general weight loss, which is incredibly important was over 5kg per person. If you have ever seen how much 5kg of fat looks like you will be very shocked. The other fascinating fact with this test was that muscle mass actually increased as body fat dropped.

The fat loss complex is due in store on Tuesday 5th September and will be on special offer at only £19.99 for the first week.

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