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Botanical Female Complex combines traditional botanicals with plant extracts and wholefoods to support female hormonal health. For women who have chosen not to use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), natural botanicals and phytonutrients may provide alternative support for hormone balance and symptom management.

Research Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds known for their ability to balance oestrogen levels and include botanicals such as hops and red clover, which help women cope with signs associated with menopause.

Botanical Female Complex contains Lifenol® which is a specific patented female hop cone extract that is standardised in prenylflavonoids, specifically 8-PN (8-prenylnaringenin). 8-PN is a molecule specifically recognised for its phytoestrogenic properties. Phytoestrogens are able to take up oestrogen receptor sites and may therefore either up or down regulate oestrogen activity accordingly to help provide balance to the body.

Lifenol® is backed by two clinical studies on humans displaying a positive effect on menopausal associated symptoms, in particular hot flushes.

Red clover is well established as a supportive phytoestrogenic herb for use during the menopause, with research showing that it can reduce both frequency and severity of hot flushes.

Research suggests that the isoflavonoids present in red clover may help prevent rigidity of the blood vessels that occurs due to declining oestrogen levels and therefore be supportive for circulation.

Sage has been found to exert significant effects on eliminating sweating and hot flushes. It has also been suggested that sage may be helpful in localised and general forms of hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration).

Botanical Female Complex also contains botanicals such as turmeric which helps to support normal liver function and dandelion, which encourages detoxification.

• Lifenol® phytoestrogenic hop cone extract backed by two clinical studies

• Red clover to provide additional phytoestrogenic support

• Sage leaf extract to help against sweating/hot flushes

• Liver supportive botanicals

• Suitable for vegans

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