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If you have visited us in store recently, you’ll have noticed that our Cannabidiol (CBD) range has vastly expanded with the introduction of Orange County CBD vapes, edible gummies, topical creams and 30ml full spectrum oils. Considering this, let’s take a quick dive into the available research on CBD, so you can make an informed decision about how these products may be of benefit to you.

CBD is Anti-inflammatory

Burstien’s (2015) research review examining the effects CBD has on the broad area of inflammation is an intriguing, but complex, incite to how CBD interacts with inflammatory signaling pathways and downstream events relating to gene expression and transcription. Whilst an in-depth discussion on the molecular mechanisms is beyond the scope of this article, it would be prudent to highlight that many papers within this review have demonstrated that administration of CBD reduces the inflammatory symptoms of prevalent conditions such as arthritis and colitis.

Psychiatric Illnesses (anxiety)

Whilst there is a shortage of long-term large scale randomized controlled trials investigating the efficacy of CBD in acute and chronic psychiatric illnesses, a review by Bonaccorso et al. (2019) has reviewed the current research. Upon analyzing the results of 27 different studies, it was concluded that CBD administration may possess therapeutic effects for specific psychological conditions, including substance use disorders, chronic psychosis and anxiety. The latter is of particular interest given the prevalence of anxiety within todays society, albeit the current evidence of an anxiolytic role of CBD within humans is limited to acute dosing only.

Alongside the clinical evidence which highlights the therapeutic action of CBD, we at The Little Supplement Company have collected invaluable anecdotal evidence from our customers who have used the various CBD products which we sell in store. Key benefits to note include reduced symptoms of chronic back pain, increased mood and reduced feelings of depression and alleviation of insomnia.

Feel free to pop in store or chat with us over our Facebook page if you need any further clarification or assistance with how CBD may (or may not) help you! 



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