The incredible world of gut health explained in simple terms.

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The real facts about gut health and how to treat common problems properly.


About gut bacteria


In our bodies we have in excess of 40 trillion different types of bacteria – scary thought! These are spread through our digestive tract which is over 23 feet long with lots of different hostile environments along the way.


So believe me when I say, research in this field is complicated yet fascinating. Now I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years now and I am not a scientist, I have no PHD in Microorganisms etc but I can explain things simply.


This is hopefully exactly what I am about to do from the knowledge I have accrued over the years and talking to world leaders in this area.


Let me put this into some sort of perspective for you. You can fit on the tip of an average pen 12,000 cells and in each individual candida cell there are 70 toxins.


This snippet of information will come into play later so take note of this little fact.


I am going to talk about maintaining gut health and what to use product wise, how to treat ibs, local candida, systemic candida and a 3 month program to perfect digestive health.


I am also going to share a little known secret about one of the major causes of middle age spread and how certain gut bacteria can help reduce this significantly.


This will hopefully be explained in simple English.


So here goes.


Maintaining a healthy gut using pre and probiotics.


Firstly – what is a pre biotic?


A Pre biotic is basically a food, for want of a better description that the good bacteria (probiotics) can feed on. The ensure colonisation within this hostile environment known as the gut.


So with the hundreds of different choices we have these days in terms of probiotics which would I recommend?


Well I have 2 different brands I think are phenomenal for everyday gut health and maintenance. The first is by my favourite world leading Probiotic company called Optibac. To give you an example of how geeky these guys are, they only recruit people with degrees and PHD in micro biology, (so I’m told). They do a brilliant everyday Probiotic called exactly that.


The other is a pre and probiotic mix from an amazing company called Terranova who do an everyday pre and probiotic complex.


Both of these fantastic probiotic formulas have prebiotics and 5 essential strains of probiotics per capsule.


So in this spoilt for choice market place, these are the two I definitely recommend without question.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


This effects many people and is inconvenient, embarrassing and in some cases painful.


Treat IBS in 3 months!


This requires a program using a specific product called Sacrommyces Boulardi together with an everyday extra strength probiotic.


For three months


take 2 saccromytes Boulardi in the morning and 2 on an evening


Also take 1 x extra strength one a day every day for 3 months.




Simply Take 2 Saccromyces Boulardi 3 times a day for three days.


Candida Albicans


Candida Albicans are a for of Yeast or a fungus that colonise and make us ill. Symptoms such as Fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, wind, bloating, a weak immune system to name a few.


Over the years I have dealt with thousands of cases of Candida and there are lots of different approaches to treating them. Many of the treatment I see or read about on Google are not only wrong but can be potentially disastrous, so if you think you have Candida then please read this very carefully before taking any treatment’s.


Basically there are 2 types of candida – non systemic and systemic. You do not want systemic, believe me.


Signs of candida can be as follows.

A white tongue

Vaginal Issues

If you spit your saliva can form long cords


Non Systemic Candida is localised in the gut, so hasn’t yet spread through the body.


The approach on treating Non Systemic Candida is as follows.


Take Optibac Xtra Strength capsules everyday for 3 months.


Take 2 Saccromyces Boulardii in the morning and 2 in the evening for 3 months.


This will dislodge the candida from the gut wall where it will eventually be eliminated from the body. This process does not kill the candida it merely dislodges it.


A Bonus is mercury removal from the body. Mercury is virtually impossible to remove from the body, however candida albicans seems to absorb mercury, so as you loose the candida you also remove mercury and hopefully prevent things like mercury poisoning etc.



What not to do? !!!!!Important!!!!!


Many people who have Candida are told to eliminate all sugars. This is probably the worst advice you will be given.


By eliminating ALL sugars from the diet you are essentially starving the Candida Albicans which will do one of two things.


  1. Make the Candida Hibernate and lie dormant, so as soon as you introduce sugar back into the diet it will re emerge with a vengeance.
  2. It will make the candida albicans scavenge for food, forcing it through the gut mucosa into the body and causing it to become systemic. This is the last thing you want to happen.


So DO NOT eliminate All sugars from your diet.


Take out processed sugars, things like chocolate, wine, sugar on cereal and in tea etc. However keep fruit in the diet for sure.



Treating systemic Candida.


This will be a six month program at least and it is something you will have to monitor.


For the whole 6 months take one a day extra strength every other day when you take Saccharomyces boulardii.


Saccharomyces boulardii take every other day starting in your first week with one in the morning, one in the evening. You will need to build this up slowly over the first month or so until you reach 3 capsules twice a day.


Olive Leaf or Garlic are potent anti fungal and should be taken every other day. The day you are not taking the Saccharomyces boulardii.


Now as we said earlier each candida cell contains 70 toxins that are being released into the blood stream as the anti fungal is killing them. This can cause what is known as a die off effect and its horrible. this is why we have to slowly build up the dosages. If the die off effect gets to much then go back to the start and rebuild the dosages again.


This is why you realistically need to give it 6 months on this regimented program.

So just to reiterate. as you become comfortable with the die off effect then gradually increase the dosages accordingly. Do not try and rush this program and more is certainly not better. Throwing too much at this will potentially make you feel very, very, ill.


Getting rid of Parasites


Once again this is how I would approach this over a 4 month period in a strict regimented program.


For the first month I would use Solgar LP299V to create a great positive environment in the gut.


Then for the next 3 months I would suggest the following


day 1 – Xtra strength x 1 capsules.

Day 2 – Optibac Daily immunity x 1 capsule

Day 3 - Saccharomyces boulardii x 1 capsule


Middle age spread and Bacteria


Here is some “Golden Nugget Information” you may not have come across and will be appearing in my future book “Fit over 40’.


Well this is to do with bacteria in the small and large intestines – bear with me. 25% of a specific type of bacteria is the lactobacillus variety and it is based in the small intestines and this does most of the work.


However 75% is a strain of the Biffidum species which is located in the large intestines and responsible for breaking down the last of the food we consume and allowing the body to digest it.


Well here is the thing, as we hit our 40ies these numbers of Biffidum reduce significantly causing us to be quite inefficient at digesting our foods. This causes bloating, wind and unfortunately increased belly fat – FACT!!


So no matter how hard your training or how clean your diet, you will continue to store belly fat whose cells can multiply.


So what’s the answer?


Correct, put more Biffidum back into the body – it can be that simple. So now your screaming which product and how much is it.

Well the product is exceptional and unbelievably cheap for what you get with it. You get 4 impressive strains of two and a half billion biffidum bacteria and a huge 45mg of Pycnogenol, 45mg of Grape seed and 45mg of Green Tea topped off with 100mg of Vitamin C.


This is unbelievable value, trust me.


To give you an example of what I mean just 2 of these products would cost the following.


Solgar Pycnogenol which is 30mg is £22.50

Solgar Grape seed extract 100mg is £22.55


You get this product for £11.49 – Absolutely incredible.


I will write a whole new blog on the benefits of Pycnogenol and Grape Seed as they are incredible as stand alone products.


Oh and the Product I have been talking about is from Optibac and called For Daily Immunity.


Yes I have started taking in as a daily regime.

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