Which form of magnesium is best for me?

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As one of the most abundant minerals, magnesium is responsible for assisting over 300 enzymatic reactions within the human body. Its importance in health has been extensively studied with deficiencies being a consistent contributor to disease. Furthermore, a poor modern western diet combined with the effects of mass farming on food nutrient quality has led many individuals to be susceptible to hypomagnesaemia (magnesium deficiency).


Magnesium supplementation is a reliable method of reducing hypomagnesaemia and its associated negative health outcomes such as insomnia, muscle cramps, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, hypertension and many more. However, given the current market is saturated with countless magnesium products, many people are left in confusion about which one to purchase. This short blog will delve into some of the different forms of magnesium and how they may benefit your specific issues.


Magnesium bisglycinates is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium supplementation. Due to this, it has several potential applications, however, a bisglycinate is particularly useful for treating insomnia. Magnesium is a cofactor for an enzyme in your brain that clears dopamine overnight, allowing you to stay asleep. The two glycine molecules a magnesium bisglycinate is bound to also has sleep promoting effects by supporting GABA (an inhibitory neuromodulator responsible for cognitive sedation) synthesis.


Magnesium Citrate is another highly bioavailable compound which is primarily absorbed within the gut. Its effect of drawing water into the large intestine promotes a laxative effect and is extremely beneficial for those who suffer with irregular bowl movements. Magnesium citrate is, in many cases, a better alternative to simulative laxative such as Senna and Cascara as these often require larger dosages overtime to remain effective.


Magnesium Carbonate is an inexpensive, poorly absorbed form of magnesium found in many cheap supermarket multivitamins. Whilst these products may seem like a bargain, they are often ineffective due to their low quality. Make sure to check the products label before purchasing to ensure the magnesium is of high quality. Citrates, bisglycinates and threonates are all excellent choices. Avoid brands that fail to stipulate which form they have included in their product.


Terranova and Viridans magnesiums are always stocked on The Little Supplement Company's shelves as these products contain the best forms available.

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