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Viridian Rosehip Extract 750mg

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 The traditional uses of rose(Rosacanina)hips and seeds include the prevention of influenza and colds, and treatment of fevers, gastric spasms, gastric ulcers, diarrhoea, gout, and sciatica. Moderate evidence exists for the use of a powder of the seeds and husks of a Rosa canina in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Two recent studies, from Denmark and from Norway, have been published on the anti-inflammatory action in osteoarthritis of a standard rosehip powder produced from dog Rose Hips and seeds. In the Norwegian trial, the rosehip powder was tested in a double-blind trial of 100 people with similar degrees of osteoarthritis. Those who had the rosehip powder developed better active movements of the hip, but passive movements remained comparable in both groups.

The Danish trial studied 100 people in a double-blind random trial. There was a significant reduction in pain and the consumption of painkillers in those taking Rose Hips for more than three weeks. Decreased disability and stiffness wasn’t generally significantly apparent until after three months of treatment. The anti-inflammatory action of rosehips is known to be independent of its vitamin C content. Research reveals that patients taking the Rose Hips also use less palliative medication and have improved levels of daily activities.

The evidence is increasing that inflammation of the blood vessels is a highly relevant factor in heart disease. AnindicationoftheabilityofRoseHipstoreduceinflammationisitseffectinlowering patients’ C-reactive protein levels, which are often raised in people with a tendency to heart disease, or confirmed heart disease.

Rose Hips contain vitamins C, A, B1 2 and 3, vitamin K and a wide variety of flavonoids, polyphenols, volatile oils and tannins. Rose Hips provide one of the best natural and freely available sources of vitamin C and will help support the body’s immune system against infections and the common cold. They make an excellent spring tonic and aid in general debility and exhaustion.

Rosa canina fruits are well known to contain a large amount of antioxidants including vitamin C, phenolics such as proanthocyanidins and flavonoids. Results reveal that Rose Hips extract can inhibit reactive oxygen species (ROS) thus offering protection against free radical damage and oxidative stress.


700mg capsule 1-3 times daily or as directed by a health professional.
Up to 5gm of Rosa canina extract daily have been used without adverse effects.


Tannins, mucilage, organic acids, vitamin C, B vitamins, bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, lycopene, beta- chryptoxanthin, rubixanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein, and flavonol glycosides.

Potential applications of taking Rosehip extracts.

Vitamin C deficiency, osteoarthritis / inflammation, cardiovascular protection, immune support, anti- ageing, constipation, mild gall bladder problems, support kidney and bladder function.