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Viridian Organic Californian Poppy Tincture

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What is Organic Californian Poppy Tincture

(Eschscholzia California)

Like a golden blanket, orange and yellow poppy blossoms once covered the mountains of coastal California, so impressing Spanish explorers that they named the region the Land of Fire. Today this poppy is California's state flower. Californian Poppy has the reputation of being a non-addictive alternative to the Opium Poppy, though it is less powerful. The Native Americans used it for colic pain, and it may be useful in the treatment of gallbladder colic.

Californian Poppy is a SEDATIVE

Californian Poppy has been used as a sedative and hypnotic for children where there is over-excitability and sleeplessness. Californian poppy contains alkaloids and in particular californidine. This plant is a natural hypnotic: it prepares for peaceful sleep, reduces sleeping problems, particularly nightmares, waking during the night and difficulties in falling asleep. It can be used wherever an anti-spasmodic remedy is required.

Californian Poppy is a NERVE TONIC

California poppy is not a narcotic. In fact, rather than disorientating the user, it tends to normalise psychological function. Californian poppy's gently antispasmodic, sedative, and analgesic effects make it a valuable herbal remedy for treating physical and psychological problems in children. Californian poppy may also prove beneficial in attempts to overcome bedwetting, difficulty in sleeping, and nervous tension and anxiety.


Organic tincture: 15-30 drops two to three times daily in a little fruit juice or water. Children under 12, half the amount.

Potential applications

Stress, nervous tension, insomnia, muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, hyperactivity, analgesic (pain relief).

Known contraindications

Californian Poppy is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.


It has been speculated that Californian Poppy use may potentiate monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Potential Useful links

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Vegan, Organic
Viridian's 100% Organic Californian Poppy tincture is made with fresh Eschscholzia californica flowering plant. Certified organic by the Soil Association - better for the planet, better for you