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What is Biotin

Biotin, which is generally classified as a B vitamin, is important for heathy hair and skin. One of the first indications that biotin was important for hair and skin came from a study showing that blocking biotin absorption caused dermatitis and hair loss. Since then biotin has become best known for hair, skin and nails because of the positive results shown with daily supplementation.1 Keratinocytes (skin epidermal cell that produces keratin, a major structural protein) utilise biotin, thus demonstrating the necessity of biotin in skin health. Biotin may also be anti-inflammatory.

Biotin rich foods include nuts, eggs and root vegetables, however it is widespread throughout food groups in low concentration, for example, kidney, salmon, vegetables. Deficiency is associated with genetic inborn errors of metabolism, long-term parenteral nutrition, pregnancy, malnutrition, long-term anti-convulsion therapy. Supplementation may be suitable for dermatitis, dyslipidemia, brittle nails and type-2 diabetes.


- Biotin has been shown to improve brittle nails. In one study,

In another study, women with brittle nails who took 2500mcg biotin daily for 6-15 months reported a 25% increase in the nail thickness and a reduction in the splitting of nails. A further study found that 63% of people with brittle nails reported improvement after taking biotin for 6 months.


- Biotin may help reduce symptoms of dermatitis in children. A study reported improvements to resolution of seborrheic dermatitis (Cradle cap) by the intravenous administration of 5mg of biotin in a group of infants aged 40 days to 6 months.8 In this study, 22 out of 25 subjects saw improvements in skin lesions 5-8 days into the intervention, with subsequent disappearance in all subjects in 15-30 days.

Biotin has been shown to reduce dermatological side-effects of medication. A study investigating the effect of valproic acid (an anti-epileptic drug) on children 6-10 years it was noted that generalised seborrheic lesions, alopecia (hair loss) and generalized pruritus (itching) developed in some of the subjects. After the treatment period the affected subjects were supplemented with biotin (10,000 mcg per day) for 20 days of which, the symptoms normalized.

HAIR LOSS - Biotin reversed hair loss in children treated with anti-convalescent medication. Hair loss is a symptom of severe biotin deficiency, however it is not known if biotin is effective for treating or preventing hair loss in otherwise healthy adults.

BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION - In type-2 diabetics, biotin supplementation (9000mcg daily) improved blood sugar control. A 4-week pilot study demonstrated that supplementation with a combination of biotin (2000mcg per day) with chromium picolinate (600mcg per day) in patients with poorly controlled diabetes that received antidiabetic therapy resulted in improved glucose management and blood cholesterol (triglycerides, and triglyceride:high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio).

71 people with brittle nails were treated with a daily dose of 2500mcg biotin. After biotin supplementation 91% showed definite improvement with firmer and harder fingernails after an average treatment of 5.5 months.

Safety - Biotin is considered safe and non-toxic.

Contraindications - Insulin or glucose lowering medications, as biotin may improve blood sugar

regulation a beneficial interaction may be observed.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding - The safety of biotin supplementation during pregnancy and lactation in unknown and therefore best avoided.

Recommended use:

Adults: 2500mcg once daily.
Children 6-12 years: 2500mcg once daily for up to 6 months duration. Not recommended for use in children under 6 years.

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Biotin is a B vitamin that uniquely supports healthy hair, skin and nails.
Biotin is used at a daily amount of 2500ug, making this an effective one-a-day supplement for inside out beauty and health.