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What is MSM?

MSM: (methyl sulphonyl methane) is a naturally occurring form of organic sulphur found in all living organisms. It is present at a low concentration in human body fluids and tissue. Research suggests that a minimum concentration in the body may be critical to both normal function and structure.

MSM is found mainly in common foods, including milk (where it is found in high concentrations), meat, fish and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. However, when foods are processed, heated, or dried, the essential MSM
is readily lost. Therefore, unless a person’s diet is composed primarily of milk and raw foods, it is unlikely that he or she is receiving enough MSM for proper health. Studies have suggested that the level of MSM in the body drops with increasing age.

Sulphur plays an indispensable role in human nutrition that is unfortunately often overlooked. It is an essential dietary component responsible for maintaining the bonds between certain amino acids. It has a critical role in maintaining the integrity of connective tissue.

What does MSM do?

Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) is an organic sulphur-containing compound that occurs in small quantities in coffee, tomatoes, Chamomile tea, Swiss chard, horsetail and alfalfa. It is characterised as a white, odourless, slightly bitter-tasting crystalline substance containing 34% elemental sulphur. MSM is the oxidized form of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), an organic sulfur compound from lignan. Notably MSM has shown efficacy for a wide range of conditions however, abundant research is published in its utilisation in joint and skin health, but also its role in countering oxidative stress. It is suggested that MSM’s benefits may be via the provision of Sulphur, its contribution to collagen synthesis and oxidant defense.


MSM has been found to offer pain and anti-inflammatory benefits to joint conditions. Experimental studies show that MSM has a long half-life with reports of its presence in blood 48 hours after administration. This is suggested to exert long lasting, anti-inflammatory, anti- analgesic and sulphur mediated, collagen synthesis alongside antioxidant effects. A meta-analysis investigating the use of MSM on knee osteoarthritis reviewed a study that found significant improvements in pain and physical function after 12 weeks administration of 3000mg MSM daily. A further review evaluated a study that assessed the use of MSM in knee osteoarthritic subjects, they reported a 12 week administration of 1500mg MSM daily resulted in a significant decrease in pain. In addition a prospective, randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trial that administered 1125mg MSM 3 times daily found significant improvements in the Osteoarthritis Index pain scores and total scores (pain, physical function and stiffness). Further improvements were reported in the Quality of Life Survey Score, thus the authors concluded that MSM is efficacious for pain and physical function in those with knee osteoarthritis.

MSM ingestion saw Significant improvements in pain and physical function.



  • Experimental studies have reported excellent results for MSM use in counteracting free radicals that may contribute to aging of the skin amongst other negative dermal effects. Furthermore, it is thought that MSM interacts with genes involved in skin aging and cellular health. Aprimarydouble-blind,placebo-controlledclinicaltrialadministeredeither3000mgdailyof MSM or placebo over 16 weeks. Skin health was evaluated through expert grading, instrumentation and self-assessment at weeks 8 and 16. It was reported that the MSM group encountered significant improvements compared to placebo by expert grading in crow’s feet and skin firmness, in addition to significant improvements from baseline in crow’s feet, skin firmness, tone and texture.

  • Using photo instrumentation analysis, MSM supplementation produced significant improvements over placebo for wrinkle total count, length, severity and deep line counts. The MSM group reported a favourable self- assessment on skin appearance than placebo.

  • MSM and Hayfever

  • Hayfever or Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (SAR) is generally characterised by a histamine-dominant response to pollen. Immune cells known as mast cells emit histamine in response to the contact of such allergens, this produces symptoms such as hives, nasal discharge, ocular discharge, ocular itching, nasal itching and sneezing. A study investigated the effect of 2600mg MSM daily for 30 days on those with SAR, it was reported that by day 7 the upper and total respiratory symptoms were significantly reduced compared to baseline. The lower respiratory symptoms were significantly reduced by day 21, subsequently all the improvements were maintained for the remainder of the 30-day period. Further markers of improvement were a significant increase in energy levels by day 14.5

  • is MSM an Antioxidant?

  • A range of studies suggest that MSM has an anti-oxidative effect in several activities and chronic conditions. MSM showed favourable results in its administration prior to a bout of exhaustive exercise administered at 100mg per kilogram of bodyweight, subsequently a decrease in oxidative stress markers immediately post exercise were reported.6 Additionally a pilot study explored the use of 3000mg MSM daily and post exercise recovery markers. Encouraging findings included a significant improvement in antioxidant capacity besides improvements in delayed onset muscle soreness and reduced homocysteine post exercise.7 Furthermore an experimental study similarly reported significant improvements in oxidative markers in response to MSM administration prior to exercise. It is suggested that intense exercise promotes lipid oxidation and concluded MSM has the ability to counter these compounds.8 In the case of experimental hypertension the administration of MSM was reported to improve blood pressure through the modulation of oxidative stress and antioxidant enzymes.9

Directions: As a food supplement, Take one to three capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


One vegetarian capsule contains:

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MSM 750mg