Viridian L-Lysine 500mg

Viridian L-Lysine 500mg

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What is L-Lysine?

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid and must be assimilated from diet or supplementation. Foods rich in lysine include meats, poultry, milk and wheat germ. Lysine has been shown to prevent colds and reduce the onset and longevity of the herpes simplex virus 1. Signs and symptoms of lysine deficiency include fatigue, nausea, dizziness, anorexia, irritability, slow growth, anaemia, and reproductive disorders, however, deficiency in developed countries is rare with the exception of those following a vegan diet1.

Potential Uses for L-Lysine

  • L-Lysine for Herpes Simplex Infection; Treatment and Prevention

    Herpes simplex is characterized by the development of cold sores that has been found to be mediated by a high arginine and low lysine diet. It has been shown that the herpes simplex virus requires arginine for replication. Aslysinecompeteswithargininefor absorption the supplementation of lysine will produce a reduction in arginine. High lysine in conjunction with low arginine inhibits the initiation of the viral infection and may reduce the longevity of the cold sore.

  • Research supports 1000-3000mg/day lysine intervention for Herpes Simplex prevention. In addition, research supports a short term Herpes Simplex treatment at a minimum of 3000mg/day in divided doses away from foods.

  • L-Lysine and Cardiovascular Support

  • Although evidence is limited, 3 interesting case studies were published demonstrating high dose lysine (3-6g/day) vitamin C (3-6g/day) helped to reduce Angina Pectoris symptoms. It was suggested that lysine has the potential to bind and remove lipoprotein(a), thus thinning the blood and improving viscosity. Lysine is a precursor to the amino acid Carnitine, also shown to provide cardiovascular benefits.

  • L-Lysine for Osteoporosis

  • A study using 15 healthy and 15 osteoporotic women found an increase in serum calcium in subjects orally administered with 3g calcium and 400mg L-lysine, compared to those administered 3g calcium in isolation. In a second study, the effects of short-term dietary supplementation with either L-lysine, L-valine, or L-tryptophan (800 mg/day) in

45 osteoporotic patients. L-Lysine (but not L-valine or L-tryptophan) significantly increased the intestinal absorption of the calcium, suggesting that L-lysine may both enhance intestinal calcium absorption and improve the renal calcium conservation. The combined effects may contribute to a positive Ca balance, thus suggesting a potential usefulness of L-lysine supplements for both preventive and therapeutic interventions in osteoporosis.

L-Lysine for Anxiety and Mood

A 3 month study in a community dependent on a wheat based diet, 45 households underwent lysine food fortification and 48 households underwent placebo fortification. Initial baseline measures were taken that included anxiety levels, the study found that males with greater baseline anxiety levels saw the greatest reduction compared to placebo group, however no effect was noted for females. It was reported that lysine does not interact with the metabolism of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)/serotonin, but acts as a 5-HT4 receptor antagonist that suppresses 5-HT4 receptor-mediated anxiety without affecting plasma 5-HT9.
A study exploring a one week intervention of 2.64g lysine and 2.64g arginine daily on 108 adult Japanese subjects reduced anxiety and stress levels. Salivary cortisol measures confirmed significant reductions compared to baseline measures when exposed to 20 minute stress stimulation tests, p<0

A further study using 3g lysine and 3g arginine daily on high anxiety male subjects produced an improved ability to handle the induced stress, while the placebo group had no reported improvement of anxiety symptoms. The authors suggested the intervention improved the regulation of the stress hormone, cortisol


No toxicity issues reported

Herpes Simplex prevention: 1000-3000mg/day
Herpes Simplex acute treatment minimum of 3000mg/day in divided doses throughout the day away from foods
Osteoporosis: 400-800mg/day with calcium supplementation
Safe for 12 years onwards.

Potential Applications: cold sores, shingles, genital herpes, hearth health, osteoporosis and anxiety.

Directions: As a food supplement, take one to three capsules daily 


One capsule provides:

Ingredient Weight %EC NRV
L-Lysine 500mg
in a base of alfalfa, spirulina and bilberry