chromium and cinnamon for blood glucose support

Viridian Chromium & Cinnamon Complex

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What does Chromium and Cinnamon Complex do?

Chromium is an important mineral that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Cinnamon, also known as “sweet wood,” has been well studied clinically and has a long history of traditional use. Chromium & Cinnamon Complex complements the Viridian Nutrition 7-Day Sugar Detox.

Chromium helps control blood sugar levels.

BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL chromium has been found to be effective in cases of both hyper and hypoglycaemia. Chromium works closely with insulin in facilitating the uptake of glucose into cells. Without chromium, insulin’s action is blocked and blood sugar levels are elevated. Chromium deficiency is common in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (type 2 diabetes).

Chromium helps regulate cholesterol.

CHOLESTEROL REGULATION Supplementing the diet of NIDDM patients with chromium has been shown to decrease fasting glucose levels, improve glucose tolerance, lower insulin levels, and decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels, whilst increasing HDL cholesterol levels. Chromium has been found to lower blood lipids (this effect is most notable in those with sub-optimal chromium status).

Chromium helps with fat loss.

WEIGHT CONTROL research has shown that overweight individuals engaged in a modest diet-exercise regimen supplementing with 600mcg chromium daily for two months resulted in significant loss of fat and sparing of muscle compared to placebo. Chromium is an effective weight management aid because of its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, thereby reducing sugar cravings.

ANTI-AGEING - Chromium may also help promote increased levels of dehydroandrosterone (DHEA), an important anti-aging hormone now receiving considerable attention. High insulin levels suppress DHEA's production in the body, while supplementation with chromium has been shown to boost DHEA production. DHEA is shown to diminish with age. Research indicates DHEA may improve brain function, immunity and muscle fatigue. Foundation of Advanced Science and Muscle Fatigue.