Nvrenuf Nutrition Aminos 450g

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Amazing new Amino Acid formula for rapid muscle recovery and rejuvenation. This is way beyond the competition, it is not only unique but quite exceptional.

I am proud to present to you A 2:1:1 BCAA formula along side Essential Amino Acids and L Glutamine. Then we maximise the formulas absorption to really deliver you the best formula on the market.

We firstly add in a protein digesting enzyme to ensure full bioavailability in the muscles. We wanted to get the amino acids shuttled into the damaged muscles with the aid of a whopping 100mg of Pine Bark Extract.

Finally we look at the importance of hydration and the timing of this formula in a workout, so it makes complete sense to get Coconut water into the formula for electrolytes and maximum hydration.

You guys know we don't mess around with our formulas. I demand the very best and refuse to cut corners on this incredible Brand.