Gym Squad Supps Roidz Pre Workout matrix 300g

  • £34.95

Simply outstanding Pre Workout formula that delivers massively on every level.


Opens blood vessels wider and gets rid of toxins.

Stops Doms by over 52%

Glycerol monostearate

 supplements are hyper-hydrators, forcing muscle cells to absorb more water. So crazy pumps but not from NO2

N Actyle tyrosine

 Human Growth Hormone releaser


 Alpha-GPC is awesome

 Mental Focus

Increases strength by 14%

Increases HGH


 is clinically proven to improve muscle firing rates in resistance-trained athletes, enhance neuromuscular efficiency, reduce fatigue & boost stamina and endurance.

 Selaginella Tamariscina

 Increases drive and determination


 Ephedrine and Dmaa all in one

 Crazy focus and stamina


 Uses fat for energy

 Camellia Sinensis

grean tea like effects boosts fat burning by 16%


a thermogenic pre-workout


Super Carnitine Supports greater fat burning, and anecdotally produces an intense thermogenic sensation



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best pre workout on the market!!!

This pre workout is the best one I’ve tryed this actually tastes nice unlike other pre workouts I’ve tryed in the past
An you will have an amazing workout and the craziest pumps going!

Will definitely be buying more in the future
Thanks guys!

Ready to go to war over n over

I've never been a fan of pre workouts, never felt I needed them, don't like feeling edgy or buzzy. This stuff though and I'm not just saying this, I felt so engaged, focused and charged, I just didn't want to leave the gym, I love it and it's now part of my GYM SQUAD STACK.
Amazing product, intelligently put together by Hammy the wizard.

James Proctor
The tingler

Well I didn't expect to be feeling how I did after taking this. Took. The recommend dose, and 15 minutes before my workout my face tingled with delight as I felt this preworkout course through my body. I was ready to through some iron around. It really gets you pumped up for a session and then some, I was ready all day for anything. It certainly gets you ready for a session.
My tolerance to this particular pre workout is low so I felt it through the day, not a bad thing if you are physically active or have a physical job. Does what it says on the tin.