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Viridian 100% Organic Omega 3:6:9 Oil

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What is Organic Omega 3:6:9 Oil

This highly nutritious Organic oil provides a blend of plant seed oils in an omega 3:6 ratio of 1:1 along with GLA and omega 9, for daily maintenance or for therapeutic use. The plant seed oils are naturally rich in the parent fatty acids - linoleic acid, alpha linolenic acid and oleic acid, along with a full spectrum of the vitamin E family members, tocopherols and tocotrienols. The 3/6/9 blend naturally contains a broad spectrum of phytonutrients and other health benefitting antioxidant compounds.

Organic golden flaxseed oil: Good fats, such as those found in this supplemental oil, offer numerous health benefits. Our obsession with fat-free diets has left many people with chronic deficiencies in essential fatty acids, leading to various symptoms including dry, flaky skin, eczema, excessive wrinkling, brittle nails and dry, flyaway or splitting hair. Flax oil provides the anti-inflammatory fatty acids necessary for maintaining healthy and flexible cell membranes as well as exerting anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.

What are the benefits of taking Omega 3:6:9 Oil?

Plant seed oils are not only effective in benefitting skin health; they also exert beneficial effects systemically with a particular affinity to the cardiovascular system. In 2007, researchers from Harokopio University and Laiko Hospital in Athens, recruited 59 middle-aged men (average age 53) with abnormal blood lipid levels (dyslipidaemic) and randomly assigned them to receive either omega-3-ALA-rich flaxseed supplements (8 grams per day) or omega-6 linoleic acid-rich safflower oil.

After 12 weeks of supplementation they report that the men receiving the ALA-rich flaxseed oil supplements were found to have reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressures, falling from 120 to 100 mmHg and 80 to 72 mmHg, respectively. These falls equated to a decrease in systolic blood pressure of 3.1 per cent and diastolic blood pressure of 6.3 per cent.

What does Organic hemp seed oil do?

Medical researchers at the University of Kuopio, Finland, have found evidence of the positive effects of hempseed oil on eczema. Results showed a remarkable reduction in dryness, itching and an overall improvement in the symptoms while they were using hemp seed oil. The essential fatty acids found in hemp seed oil help stimulate the optimum formation of hair, skin, and nails all being derived from the same stem cell line.

What does Organic avocado oil do?

Avocados are the highest fruit source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to slow the ageing process and protect against heart disease and common forms of cell damage by neutralising free radicals.
A recent study showed the significance in including avocado when eating a salad and salsa
the avocado lipids (fats) helped extract the carotenoids (and significantly increased absorption) from the salad and salsa in greater quantities than if no avocado was included in the meal. Avocados are also the highest fruit source of a specific carotenoid called lutein. Other phytochemicals found in avocado include glutathione and beta-sitosterol, both of which have heart protecting factors.

What does Organic evening primrose oil do?

Evening primrose oil (EPO) contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which helps the metabolism of certain anti-inflammatory agents in the body, useful in relieving various conditions including dermatitis and eczema (atopic dermatitis). Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, relapsing, itchy dermatosis of multifactorial origin, which commonly starts in childhood. Defective metabolism of essential fatty acids leading to relative dominance of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins has been reported as an important factor in the pathogenesis of AD. EPO has been found to improve skin moisture, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, firmness, fatigue resistance and roughness. Cold-pressed oils have been shown to contain the greatest antioxidant activity.

What does Organic pumpkin seed oil do?

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids. The four dominant fatty acids are Palmitic, Stearic, Oleic, and linoleic acid. HPLC analysis of the powerful pigments found in pumpkin seed oil reveals a number of carotenoids the main components being beta carotene and lutein.


Two to three tsp daily at mealtimes or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Oil Profile 1 tsp (5ml) provides

Linoleic acid
Alpha linolenic acid
Oleic acid
Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) - 70mg (omega 6)

1520mg (omega 6) - 1520mg (omega 3) - 760mg (omega 9)

Potential uses 

eczema/dermatitis, allergies, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, dandruff, atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol/triglycerides, hypertension, rheumatoid/osteoarthritis, auto-immune disorders, fatigue, learning difficulties, ADHD, infections, candida/fungal infections, and sports nutrition. Given the broad benefits of EFAs in brain and neurological support it would be ideal for supplementing this oil for cognitive function and to help support mood and behaviour.

Organic plant seed oils provide a ‘toxin-free’ source of important EFAs which are ideally suited for those looking for suitable alternatives to fish oils.


Viridian's 100% Organic Omega 3:6:9 oil is an ideal nutritional oil for everyday use. Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA - Omega 3) contributes towards the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels. Contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA) , small amount of omega-9, a broad range of nutrients including vitamin E (full spectrum of tocopherols and tocotrienols) and carotenoids (alpha-carotene, beta carotene and lutein). Pleasant tasting.  Cold-pressed and bottled in amber glass bottles under a blanket of nitrogen to protect the oil from air and light. Grown to Soil Asscoiation organic standards.