Stay Safe Supplements Rhodiola Rosea 60 Capsules

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The Stay Safe Supplements Rhodiola Rosea is one of the strongest Rhodiola on the market. 
At 550mg and a whopping 3% Rosavins (the main active ingredients).
Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) - also known as arctic root or golden root is indigenous to the polar arctic regions of eastern Siberia and has enjoyed a long and traditional use in Russia, China and Scandinavia. Rhodiola is now a very popular herb for improving adaptation to stress worldwide.
    • Stress Rhodiola enhances mental and physical performance under stress. In physicians performing night duty, supplementation with Rhodiola over 2-weeks improved measures of cognitive performance and reduced general fatigue.17 In students undergoing an examination period, Rhodiola use over 20-days improved mental performance, physical fitness, general well-being and reduced mental fatigue.18

    • Fatigue A number of clinical studies have shown that supplementation with Rhodiola can relieve fatigue and improve energy.19 For example, in people suffering from severe stress related fatigue and burnout, Rhodiola supplementation for 28-days was found to improve mood, fatigue and nervous system function. It was concluded that Rhodiola “exerts an anti- fatigue effect that increases mental performance, particularly the ability to concentrate, and decreases cortisol response to awakening stress in burnout patients with fatigue syndrome.20


    • Anxiety and depression In people with generalized anxiety disorder Rhodiola reduced anxiety levels with comparable effects to anti-anxiety medications within 10-weeks.21 And in people with mild to moderate depression Rhodiola significantly reduced depressive symptoms over a 6-week period.22

    • Physical performance –– Rhodiola has long been used for its ability to enhance performance and some, but not all, studies have suggested Rhodiola can improve physical fitness. For example, a study looking into Rhodiola found that supplementation for 4-weeks was able to improve endurance exercise ability.