Nvrenuf Nutrition Quadraplex Pure Protein 1kg

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The Nevrenuf Nutrition Quadra Plex Pure protein is genuinely one of the best-tasting proteins on the market.

  • The protein is released in four stages within the body 
  • Enhanced the formula with extra Essential Amino Acids and Peptide Bonded Glutamine.
  • 26 grams of muscle-repairing proteins per serving with low carbs, low fat and low sugar levels this is a definite for your supplement cupboard or gym bag.

Here are some potential benefits of incorporating protein shakes into your diet:

  1. Muscle Repair and Growth:

    • Protein is essential for the repair and growth of muscles. Consuming an adequate amount of protein supports muscle recovery after exercise and helps in building lean muscle mass.
  2. Convenience:

    • Protein shakes are convenient and quick to prepare, making them a convenient option for individuals with busy lifestyles or those who may not have time for a full meal.
  3. Weight Management:

    • Including protein shakes in your diet can help with weight management by promoting feelings of fullness and reducing overall calorie intake. This can be particularly beneficial for those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Nutrient Density:

    • Protein shakes often contain a concentrated source of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which can contribute to overall nutritional intake.
  5. Improved Exercise Performance:

    • Adequate protein intake can support improved exercise performance by providing the necessary amino acids for energy and muscle function.
  6. Contribution to Daily Protein Requirements:

    • For individuals who struggle to meet their daily protein requirements through whole foods alone, protein shakes can serve as a convenient and efficient way to supplement protein intake.
  7. Quick Post-Workout Nutrition:

    • Consuming protein shortly after a workout can enhance muscle protein synthesis and recovery. Protein shakes provide a convenient and easily digestible source of post-workout nutrition.
  8. Digestibility:

    • Some people may find protein shakes easier to digest than whole food sources of protein, especially after intense physical activity.


Customer Reviews

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John Colledge
Quick Delivery

Easy transaction and arrived quickly

Sophie Lines
THE best protein about!

Absolute best there is! Nice thick and creamy shake with milk or water. Goes down super easy at a pre- workout boost or as a mid day pick me up. Mixes really well in a shaker, no lumps and tastes amazing. Strawberry and vanilla are to die for!!

Mark Hewitt
Tastes amazing

Tastes amazing
Fills you up nicely
Can’t recommend enough

Sean Chalcraft
Brilliant protein!!

Honestly the best protein I've ever used...texture, flavour and results! It will always be in my exercise program

Stuart Smith
Protein powder

I've tried all flavours of the quadra plex protein powder range and they all taste amazing. Great product, great price and very knowledgeable staff 👌