Muscle Rage Seismic 240 capsules

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SEISMIC is the ultimate 3 in 1 natural muscle building stack. With Laxosterone, Epicatechin, and HMB.

🔴 100mg Laxosterone

⚪️ 300mg Epicatechin

⚫️ 3000mg of HMB

🟢 3-1 Natural Muscle Builder

🟡 50mg AstraGin

SEISMIC offers unbelievable value for money.

Laxosterone – Laxosterone is a patented version of 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin. The highly anabolic natural plant sterol that helps improve nitrogen retention and protein synthesis as well as reducing cortisol for greater muscle gains and improved fat loss.

Epicatechin (Acacia catechu) (std, to contain 40% Catechins) – Epicatechin aids muscle growth by inhibiting myostatin, a protein that stops your muscles that limits growth. Epicatechin stimulates follistatin, another protein, that blocks myostatin.

HMB (Calcium B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate) – HMB is produced in small amounts when your body breaks down Leucine and is not a new ingredient, it has been around for 25 years and in 90 clinical studies. HMB helps preserve muscle mass and improve recovery.

AstraGin® (Astragalus & Panax Notoginseng) – Astragin is a patented, 100% natural compound that increases absorption of many nutrients. Whilst this will not build muscle directly, AstraGin will help your body use the other ingredients more efficiently.