Health Factory Nano Colloidal Silver 15mg Nose Spray

Health Factory Nano Colloidal Silver 15mg Nose Spray

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Nano Silver is extremely effective against pathogens and is non-toxic (no compounds, fillers, chemicals or additives).

In 2003 a study was done and published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine which took a close look at the effects of oligodynamic Ag+ (silver) on Pathogens*.  This study, in fact, focuses on the case of a human corona virus.

It was observed and documented that there is a 3-step process by which silver actually kills viral organisms (as well as bacteria and fungii):

1. The essential protein of the membrane is denatured and the membrane ruptures.
2. Simultaneously, the smallest particles of silver enter the membrane pores and cause life-essential (essential to the pathogen) enzyme reactions to go into partial or full arrest.
3. and lastly, if the above isn't enough, this study found that as the finest particles of silver further penetrate the interior recesses of the cell, the genetic building blocks (nucleic acids) of the germs are paralyzed, which effectively stops their ability to replicate/reproduce or mutate.