GASP Vintage T Back Vest - Green Camoprint

GASP Vintage T Back Vest - Green Camoprint

  • £26.00

The GASP Vintage T-back has a classic cut and is available in several colors. The history of the Vintage T-Back goes way back to 2005 and today it’s one of the most Iconic GASP products. This product was made with extra attention to details and long-lasting quality over the years. It’s easy to find great testimonials of the Vintage T-Back as, despite countless of hours in the gym, many Vintage T-Backs from the early batches are still in good use. This tank features a GASP print on front, a logo on back, and a raw cut bottom for that right GASP feel. This is the staple T-back for our dedicated athletes like Johnnie Jackson and Branch Warren

Material: 100% cotton
Fit: Regular fit
Features: Big print on front, GASP logo on the back, T-back fit