Stay Safe Supplements Immune Boost Complex 60 Capsules

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Vitamin C 500mg

  • vitamin C is known to be a potent immune stimulating nutrient. It has been shown to inhibit viral replication.

Vitamin D3 - 2000iu

In particular it triggers and arms the body's T cells, the cells in the body that seek out and destroy any invading bacteria and viruses. Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses and that without sufficient intake of the vitamin, the killer cells of the immune system (T cells) will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body.

Zinc Citrate 20mg

  • Zinc is involved in nearly every aspect of immunity. When zinc levels are low, the number of T- Cells decreases, thymic hormone levels lower, and many white cell functions critical to the immune response cease. All these effects are reversible upon adequate zinc administration.
  • Zinc like vitamin C, also possesses direct antiviral action.

 This is one of the best immune boosting supplements out there that can be taken all year round.