Extreme Labs T5 Fat Burmers

Extreme Labs T5 Fat Burmers

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T5 DOMINATE – 90 Caps

T5 Dominate is safe for both Male and Female users. Its unique combination of ingredients make this the perfect entry to using a safe reliable weight management product. It includes our new trade marked QuadVit™ Vitamin B blend giving the user 100% RDA of the most important B vitamins (B1, B5, B6, B12).

T5 Dominate is designed to help support you as you reduce your food consumption to a manageable level. T5’s are a great option whether you’re just starting out with a healthy eating plan or you’re looking for an extra boost to your existing regime.


T5 Dominate has a carefully chosen range of ingredients that will contribute to normal ENERGY YIELDING metabolism without the crash or side effects.


T5 Dominate