JBC Nutrition L-Glutamine 500g

JBC Nutrition L-Glutamine 500g

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L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that is required by every muscle in the body, and is one of the most important building blocks in forming the proteins that maintain cellular health and tissue repair. 

L-Glutamine is found in varying amounts in most meat and fish as well as, to a small extent, in vegetables. Anyone involved in high intensity training programmes designed for muscle growth or increasing strength, are advised to use L-Glutamine as a dietary supplement to boost their intake. Key Benefits of JBC L-Glutamine:
  • Faster Muscle Growth
  • Accelerated Muscle Repair
  • Prevent Post Workout Muscle Tissue Breakdown
  • Helps Replenish Glycogen Levels
  • Enhance and Accelerate Post Workout Recovery
  • Increase natural growth hormone Edit production, resulting in lower levels of fat

Can Be Used By:
  • Weight Lifters, Bodybuilders and other Strength athletes
  • Power Athletes such as Rugby players, Field athletes Boxers etc
  • Endurance Athletes wanting to build muscle or increase strength such as Tri-athletes, Cyclists and Swimmers
  • Anyone wanting to recover better from workouts, gain muscle, or improve all round performance

Allergen Warning:This product is manufactured on equipment, which processes products containing nuts. 

Disclaimer:This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statement contained on this label does not imply that this product has any medicinal properties or use.