SARMS M.A.S (muscle anabolic system) 12 week program

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This program is designed for totally dedicated gym goers who have the motivation, drive, will power and determination to follow this comprehensive advanced training system.

The M.A.S 12 week cycle is one of the most advanced bodybuilding product on the market.

The training program is a state of the art, science driven training system hitting all 4 muscle growth pathways, which will push you to your limits in the gym.

The diet is designed around the way the M.A.S works in the body and compliments the training system.

This is for seasoned bodybuilders only, for guys that have been lifting weights for at least a few years.

Follow this program and you will not believe the results.

However - results are earned through application, sacrifice, pain and dedication. If you can't offer these for the next 12 weeks, keep your money.