Why is the LSC Nutrition Detox Complex so good?

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The LSC Nutrition Detox Complex is a mild, safe and very effective intestinal stimulant which efficiently eliminates waste from the body and increases nutrient absorption.

The incredible combination of Herbs is actually based on over half a century of clinical experiences by three generations of herbalists.

In recent years this particular synergistic mix of herbs have shown a significant improvement in the following conditions - Eczema, asthma, MS, ME, Diabetes, Fatigue, gynaecological disorders, infertility, growths, tumours and many other syndromes and emotional disorders.

The human body has an inability to cope with the modern diet. In the modern diet we are bombarded with a multitude of colourings, sweeteners, preservatives and other processes used in the food industry. This is why I strongly believe that supplement products like LSC Nutrition's Detox Complex and great quality multivitamins like terranova's full spectrum multivitamin.

Interesting information on today's food!

Our simple traditional foods we all take for granted like milk, bread and meat are no longer prepared in the traditional way they used to be. To give you some examples of this. One example is good old wheat which has been modified to contain more Gluten and therefore become more glutenlike.In laymans terms this simply means that Wheat and other cereal grains stick to our intestinal walls, which then inhibits our ability to absorb this high energy food. This is why low energy is such a modern condition with many people in our modern society.

Look at dairy products, dairy products have been consumed for thousands of years, but it only recently they have become associated with eczema and asthma. Alot of modern milk is treated in order to preserve it for several months. In doing this the good bacteria (probiotics) within the milk which help us digest milk, gets destroyed. The food industry now removes the fat from milk, this practice was started just after the second world war.


Our modern food legislation has also changed the way we prepare other animal products. Traditionally meat was hung to destroy parasites and to ensure the culture of good bacteria, again found to be key to digesting the food. This means there are potential dangers from parasites and the build up of saturated fats from eating these food sources. Also preservatives, antibiotics and other chemicals put into our animal products to increase the shelf life of these products reduces the ability of our immune system to function properly and fight bacteria.

Let's face it, our bodies have to put up with a lot today, possibly more than ever before. We have become much more susceptible to illness, fatigue and stress in our hectic modern lifestyles and our body's need help to cope with it all.

This is where LSC Nutrition's Detox Complex comes into it's own.  The formula is manufactured to the highest specification using only the highest grade organic herbs and absolutely nothing else. Due to these exceptionally high standards our formula can be up to 30 times more effective than other detoxifying products on the market.

The ingredients


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