Want a new shoulder workout?

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Struggling with shoulder development. Stopped getting a pump on your delts. Maybe its time for something completely new.

Try these giant sets with your next shoulder workout.

You might want to wash your hair before going to the gym, because you won't be able to after this workout.

Giant Set X 3

Shoulder Machine Press Triple Drop Set 12-15 reps / 12-15 reps / 12-15 reps
Upright Rows 15-20 reps 
Lying Cable Upright Rows 15-20 reps 

Giant Set X 3
Seated Side Dumbbell Raises 35-40 reps 
Front Plate Raises With Twist 20-25 reps 
rear delt dumbbell raises 20-25 reps 
Partial Side Dumbbell raises 25-30 reps 


Cable side lateral raises 12 reps, 20 second rest  7 sets


Rest periods: Take 120 seconds between giant sets as this is very intense on the muscle as well as taxing on your cardiovascular system 

Rep tempo: Apply 2 second negatives to every rep. 


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