Vitamin B12 and sports nutrition, are you deficient?

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Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are very common, however there are some which are much more commonly found than others. Vitamin B12 is one of those vitamins which can effect a lot of people. I'm going to explain what Vitamin B12 does for you and why being deficient will hold you back... 

Vitamin B12s main roles are:

  • Help maintain the health of the central nervous system. This is crucial for neurotransmitter signalling which of course leads to muscle fibre recruitment. 
  • Support heart health by reducing elevated homocysteine levels. Elevated levels of this non-proteinogenic amino acid can be a significant risk to heart health. 
  • Facilitate healthy digestion by helping produce digestive enzymes as well as encourage the production of healthy bacteria within the GI tract. 

From this not only is it clear Vitamin B12 is essential for improved health, it can also play a key role in helping your physique progress. The central nervous system is imperative to sustained muscle fibre recruitment and becomes challenged during bouts of intense training, such as Y3T. In order to prolong this consuming enough Vitamin B12 is essential. It goes without saying, heart and gut health are also crucial for your longevity as an athlete.

Eating a broad range of lean meats, fish, eggs and other dairy produce can help give you extra Vitamin B12. 

Supplementing with additional B12 can also be a good idea, especially if you exhibit symptoms of being deficient. 

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