The Little Supplement Company’s 8 week diet challenge

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So many of us have put on some unwanted body fat since lock down.

Here is a template diet I have used with people for a while now with some cracking results in terms of Fat loss. One example was a nurse I worked with on this diet who lost a massive 7 stone and has kept it off, which is just as important.

Here is some FREE information that you will hopefully find useful

The Little Supplement Company 8 Week diet plan


Typical day – no carbs until after your workout.


In the day lots of the following – oily fish – mackerel, salmon, tuna in sunflower oil, nuts, nut butters, chicken, turkey, steak, eggs, full fat milk, avocado, peppers, vegetables, bacon,


7am Exercise - ideally cardio


Meal 1     8am NVRENUF Protein shake

Mega Shreds Fat Burner



Meal 2 11am Chicken/Turkey and peppers salad, carrots, cucumber, boiled eggs,

Good Quality Multivitamin and Fish Oil


Meal 3 2pm Prawn, avocado Salad Wrap -  Natural Yoghurt for desert


Exercise circuits or cardio


Meal 4 NVRENUF Protein Shake


Meal 5 Sweet potato with vegetables and fish

Dessert Natural Yoghurt and fruit





You can swap meals around in the day using the food above mate but no carbs until after exercising.

Try to drink 3 litres of water a day

Any problems let me know.


Foods to incorporate in the day






Meat any you fancy


Carrots and humus dip

Cottage cheese

Peanut butter


Basmati, wild or sushi Rice


Cauliflower Rice

Nuts (Not Salted)


Supplements I would recommend


Terranova or Viridian Multivitamin

Fish Oil – Willeys


NVRENUF Mega Shreds Fat Burners


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