The changing season - How to cope?

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It's that time of year when the season is changing, the nights are starting to draw in and people become a little more stressed and depressed. For the shop we start to get more people with cold sores around now.

L-Lysine is an incredible amino acid with some amazing therapeutic properties. L-Lysine has ANTI-VIRAL properties and the administration of lysine has shown to reduce the severity of cold sore attacks and accelerate the healing time in herpes infections.

More people start to suffer with a low mood due to the shorter days and change in weather. A great product that is possibly one of my personal favourites is Rhodiola. This incredible little herbal complex, to many, is a miracle worker. Rhodiola is what we term an Adaptogenic herb, where it can help with several things at once.

Rhodiola is a great herb to potentially help combat depression, it seems to work on several levels in terms of actions in the body. I have had fantastic feedback over the last 15 years with positive results with Rhodiola and depression. Rhodiola also helps support our stress functions in our bodies, as well as boosting our immune system.

So are you ready for the change in season. If not at least you have some ammunition to take it on with.

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