So what does the best selling supplement at our store do?

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After the opening of our new store in Paignton, the little supplement company appears to have a favourite product with its customers already.

The Detox Complex from LSC Nutrition has actually sold out twice now in just over a week. I strongly believe that the Detox complex is one of the most beneficial supplements out there. The ingredients I have sourced for the Detox Complex are the best available in terms of quality and purity.

As you can imagine, after spending over 25 years in the supplement industry, helping people with their health concerns in a professional capacity, I have come to really love certain products. The Detox complex is certainly one of my all time favourites.

IT'S ALL WELL AND GOOD TAKING SUPPLEMENTS, I truly believe that the correct supplements can be life changing.However if your body is incapable of absorbing them then you are potentially wasting your money. With LSC Nutritions Detox Complex you are setting the bodies environment up to maximise nutrient absorption. This incredible 30 day program is designed to eliminate unwanted fat and toxins from your body giving maximum effects in a gentle way.

So whats does the Detox Complex do?

Essentially the Detox Complex cleanses your intestinal tract. The intestines are key to absorbing nutrients into the body, however, with the modern western diet and way of life our intestinal tract gets blocked up with fecal plaque. Now considering our intestines are about 25 feet long that is potentially a lot of plaque. The Detox Formula gently removes this nasty plaque along with fat and toxins. This suddenly clears all these blocked receptor sites that have been clogged up with this plaque. Suddenly our body is starting to absorb nutrients, vitamins, minerals amino acids etc much more efficiently from food. 

The potential results from this happening are a new found source of energy, increased cognitive function, Improved skin condition, weight loss, a flatter un bloated tummy and many other possible benefits resulting from this improved nutrient uptake.

If you are a person who wants to really start focusing on their health, be it to loose a few pounds, feel more energized, look and feel healthier, have an improved digestive system; then the Detox Complex is where I would suggest you start.

To maintain this health, energy and vitality I would then suggest a good quality multi vitamin like the Terranova Full Spectrum Multivitamin Complex and an essential fatty acid.

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