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If you follow OptiBac Probiotics in the media, you’ll know that we’re quite the celebrity brand, with recent mentions in heavyweight publications such as Woman and Home magazine, Vogue, and the Daily Mail. But we’re always extra delighted to receive a mention in an industry mag, and so are very chuffed to be featured in the July edition of the UK's top alternative health publication, Natural Health magazine – yay us! The star of the show this time is our latest addition to the range, For everyday Max which comes highly recommended in a fantastic article about yoga, written by yoga teacher, trainer, and writer, Sue Fuller.

Natural Health mag recommends 'For every day MAX' for digestion and energy
In the article, entitled ‘Move to Improve Your Health’, Sue outlines specific postures to help with joint health, stress and anxiety, and digestion and energy, recommending her favourite supplements for each condition. Our wonderful ‘For every day MAX’ is suggested as her probiotic choice for digestion and energy – we can’t argue with that one, Sue! But those with Joint Problems and even mental health issues often choose to take probiotics as part of their supporting health protocols too, and research into these areas is very interesting. 
We’d also have to agree with Sue that movement is vital for good health and digestion, and even those with limited mobility should try to move their bodies whenever, and however, they are able. Yoga is a very gentle form of exercise, and with postures ranging from the very simple to the ultra-athletic, it should be an accessible and valuable activity for everyone. You may already know that gentle activity helps to keep your digestive system working smoothly, but did you know that exercise might also affect the composition of your gut microbiome? Fascinating stuff! 

Just like different yoga postures are good for different health conditions, however, don’t forget that certain strains of probiotic may be more helpful than others when trying to support your health.

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