Krill oil vs fish oil, which is better?

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Over the last few years’ krill oil has gained popularity in the supplement industry for many reasons. Like fish oil, krill oil is abundant in the two omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. However, whilst consuming omega 3 fatty acids through fish or krill oil provides a plethora of similar health benefits, there is some evidence to suggest krill oil may offer more bang for your buck.

Firstly, the EPA and DHA found in krill oil appear to be more absorbable than the omega 3’s found within fish oil. This is due to krill oil containing a higher percentage of omega 3’s in the form of phospholipids, whilst the omega 3’s found in fish oils are predominately triglycerides. As such, it is suggested that krill oil may provide the same health benefits for a lower dose of omega 3’s. On a gram for gram basis, the omega 3’s found in krill oil may provide a better neuroprotective effect, as the antioxidant effects of phospholipids are of higher activity in the brain compared to omega 3’s as triglycerides. 

An antioxidant unique to krill oil is astaxanthin. This keto-carotenoid gives krill oil its bright red colour and has numerous health benefits by reducing blood markers associated with oxidative stress. Notably, astaxanthin is thought to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol oxidation and DNA damage, which may help protect against cardiovascular disease and ageing. Given that astaxanthin is only required in small doses, the amount found in krill oil supplements is adequate.

Overall, both krill and fish oils are fantastic supplements to add to your regime. Whichever you choose, the high concentration of EPA and DHA found in both are likely to contribute to health in a positive way. However, krill oil appears to have some additional benefits, therefore, krill oil products may be better value for money and health. The Little Supplement Company will soon be stocking high quality krill oil. If you have any questions regarding the difference between fish and krill oils or are looking to transition to krill oil, feel free to pop in store or message us on Facebook!

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