How to combat ME with supplementation.

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(Myalgic encephalomyelitis) 

Co-enzyme Q10: Some studies show that those with ME go on to develop heart disease. CoQ10 offers significant heart-protection properties. Additionally, in clinical trials, supplementation with CoQ10 was shown to have a positive effect on the physical performance and energy capacity of the body. CoQ10 is the energy pack for the cells.

Magnesium: ME patients have been found to have lower than average blood magnesium levels and supplemental magnesium does appear to have a supportive action.

Malic Acid: - Individuals with fibromyalgia are often lacking in the mineral magnesium. Taken in combination with malic acid, this mineral helps fight fatigue and relax muscles. Malic acid also enhances magnesium absorption.

Carnitine: Deficiency of carnitine is relatively common in ME patients. Carnitine is essential for cellular energy

Licorice: Some research suggests that this condition (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) Chronic Fatigue may be partly due to poor adrenal function. Licorice has a beneficial effect on the adrenal system.

Rhodiola rosea: This herb has a legendary history in Siberia for increasing lifespan. It has a useful anti-stress role to play in fatigue, as it is classed as an adaptogen, enabling the body to adapt to the environmental and emotional stresses and strains of life. Rhodiola is also helpful when recovering strength and energy after an illness. Rhodiola also has a supportive action on the adrenal system.

Astragalus: Another effective adaptogenic herb. .

Essential Fatty Acids: A study of 63 patients recovering from long-term illness, Omega 3 EFAs were found to offer relief from muscular pain, chronic fatigue and psychiatric issues.

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