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Gym Squad Supps Freak of Nature the amazing completely natural anabolic activator.

An all natural muscle builder and testosterone support combined into one convenient tub. If your wanting some serious gains without jeopardizing your natty status, this is the product for you.

Ecdysteroids and brassinosteroids are naturally occurring plant/insect steroid hormones which have recently taken the supplement industry by storm. It is suggested that these compounds promote anabolism through their ability to bind to the estrogen receptor. Indeed, recent research has since discovered that ecdysterone, an all natural ecdysteriod, significantly increases strength and hypertrophy adaptations to resistance exercise amongst 46 young men (Isenmann et al., 2019). Gym Squad Supps Freak of Nature contains a whopping 500mg of ecdysterone and 100mg of laxogenin per capsule. 

Bulbaine natalensis is a plant native to South Africa which is suggested to drastically increase the sex steroid hormone testosterone (Yakubu, 2009). Furthermore, a recent research review by Collen and Bosede (2020) has since identified the plants aphrodisiac and invigorating effect. As Bulbaine natalensis has been proven to be safe for use within humans (Hofhein et al., 2012), Gym Squad Supps Freak of Nature has included a huge dose of 500mg per capsule.



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