Enhance your running with these key tips.

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Whenever I am out, no matter what time of day I see people running. Some for pleasure, some for improved health, some for weight loss and some more serious. No matter if your a dedicated club runner, a half marathon junkie, or just a 3 times a week runner to keep your fitness levels up, I have some interesting supplement tips for you.

First things first!

Many many people who do physical exercise miss the fundamental basics to truly great health. There are 2 supplements I swear by for anyone wanting to look after their health but especially runners.

A good multivitamin and a high quality essential fatty acid supplement. My personal choice would be as follows.

Multivitamin - Terranova Full Spectrum multi vitamin complex or Solgars VM75.

Full of antioxidants and energy boosting vitamins either of these Multivitamin formulas would be my go to choice.

Essential Fatty Acid's - Solaray Salmon Oil  containing Omega 3,5,6,7 and 9 great for its anti inflammatory ability, energy production, hormonal balancing, adrenal support and many other benefits.


The next thing I would consider is an amino acid complex for recovery. Something like the reflex Amino Fusion would be fantastic to help speed up the recovery process. I would take this immediately after your run then half an hour later take a carbohydrate complex such as the Instant Carbo NOX. This will then replenish glycogen levels and refuel your muscles quickly and efficiently.

Happy running guys


Mark Hamilton

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