Chest and Back anyone?

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Here is a nice little workout to try next time your looking to do a different work out. Not many people train chest and back together but the pumps are insane. It was a favourite of Arnold and his training partners back in the day.

After a 2 set warm up we can get down to business. make the warm up slow and steady for 20-25 reps.


All 15 reps. 2 second pause. 2 second tempo on the negative. - 5 sets

Superset 1 

Incline dumbbell flyes into incline dumbbell press 

superset with

Seated machine rows.


Superset 2

Flat dumbbell flyes into flat dumbbell press.

superset with

Straight arm pull downs into wide grip pulldowns


Superset 3

Incline Bench press

Superset with

Dumbbell rows



Use a weight where the rep range is between 10-12 reps then perform 7 sets with a 30 second rest between.

FST-7 Chest

Low cable crossovers - hitting upper chest.

FST-7 Back

Close grip lat pulldowns


Enjoy the biggest pump you are probably likely to get!

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