Cell volumizing arm workout from Hammy's SARMS Program

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Advanced SARM workout from the 12 week SARM Program

Triceps Giant set x 3 

Straight bar pushdowns 15-20 reps triple drop

Close grip straight bar pushdowns 15-20 reps (move in so the cable runs closer to your face/abdomen, push elbows back)

Overhead bar cable extensions 15-20 

Bar pulldowns 15-20 reps

Rope Pulldowns wide at the bottom 15-20 reps

Rope pull downs arms together 15-20 reps


Triceps Giant set x 2

Machine dips triple drop set (aim for 12-15 reps per drop set, totalling 36-45 reps)

Overhead dumbbell extensions 12-15


Biceps Giant set X 3 

 EZ bar curls 15-20 reps (perform 1 drop set here, for another 10-12 reps)

Spider curls 15-20 reps 

Incline seated dumbbell curls (twist out at the top)15-20 reps 


Biceps Giant set X 2 

Drag curls 12-15 reps 

Cable curls 12-15 reps 

Reverse grip cable curls 12-15 reps


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