Are you Maximizing your recovery after your workouts?

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There are many different theories regards the best and quickest ways to maximize recovery after a workout. The marketing gurus and magazines all have different approaches, depending on what products they are pedalling.

As a person who has worked professionally with supplements and athletes for over 25 years, married with my passion for getting correct scientific data, I have a big opinion on this. My opinion is not market driven, there are no ulterior sales motives behind my blogs, I simply want to educate those serious athletes out there who do not want to be mugged off by the marketing departments.

Here are some post training supplement tips for maximising recovery and performance.

Within 15 minutes of finishing exercise consume 5-10 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids. Now whey protein is rich in BCAA, but if you want a best case scenario, then BCAA's after training.

Let these absorb and let the CNS nervous system settle down. Fifteen minutes after this then take a whey protein isolate or isolate concentrate mix with water for quicker delivery.

Wait a further 30-60 minutes and introduce some carbohydrates into the system.

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